Alaska Regional Hospital - October 02, 2019

There comes a day when a patient’s story is told by loved ones. This is one of those times. Here is a story from a family who will forever appreciate the compassionate care team at the Alaska Regional Hospital Intensive Care Unit.

“Thank you for the care and commitment to the Alaska Regional Hospital mission. Recently our family witnessed firsthand how your employees treat patients and their family like they are their most cherished loved ones. Alaska Regional’s mission isn’t just words, it is clearly actions that emanate and radiate from the top of the organization to the bottom.

The care and compassion shown recently to my niece and a dear member of our extended family during his illness was genuine, heartfelt and greatly appreciated. Not only did our loved one receive quality care, but our family was treated with grace, dignity, love and compassion.

Sadly, our loved one’s passing has shown us all once again, how fleeting life can be. Knowing his final days and hours were comfortable and that various arms at the hospital embraced not only him, but my niece, provides great comfort. In closing, while we have experienced the loss of a wonderful man, his passing was made more bearable by the collective team at Alaska Regional. And for that we say ‘Thank you.’”

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