Alaska Regional Hospital - December 30, 2011

Everyone knows whom it is that keeps a family running from breakfast to dinner, homework to playtime, sickness to soccer practice. It's you” the mom. But there are those times when, as strange as it may seem to the kids, mom is sick. And then what? Who takes care of mom?

Along with the common cold and the flu, women actually have a lot of other health related concerns at different phases of their lives. Sometimes they're expected phases like pregnancy, preventative breast care, and menopause. ther times, health conditions like cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, depression, heart disease, hysterectomies, or high blood pressure come along very unexpectedly.

Whatever the medical situation, the best self-care starts with getting the best medical care, which includes people and professionals that you can trust to keep you at your best. laska Regional Hospital has an array of women's services that are specially designed for women throughout the various stages of your life” planned or unplanned. Through progressive medical knowledge and technological innovation, our facility offers top-quality maternity services and leading-edge gynecological procedures.

Our maternity services include top-ranked physicians and nurses that can help you throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Our Alaska Regional OB/GYNs manage high-risk pregnancies, cesarean deliveries, and multiple births. And our private rooms are designed so that your baby never has to leave your side.

We also offer preventative care to women. Whether we're performing mammograms to screen for breast cancer or routine gynecology appointments to check for any abnormalities, we want to keep all of our moms, sisters, daughters, wives, girlfriends, and grandmothers, healthy and happy.

At Alaska Regional Hospital, we understand that there is so much to women's health, which is why we have specially designed services just for you. Whether you are seeking preventative care, maternity services, or need help understanding menopause or some of the other curveballs life throws at you, let us be your caretaker and put Alaska Regional Hospital on your team.