What is CaringBridge?

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CaringBridge offers free, personal, private web pages to help Alaska Regional Hospital patients and their loved ones keep in touch during any type of health event. It is an online space where you can connect, share and receive support--kind of like a "caring" social network.

Whether you start a Site, set up a SupportPlanner, or join a community CaringBridge makes it simple.

  • PERSONAL, PROTECTED SITES where you can post health updates.
  • People are able to stay connected and leave words of hope and encouragement.
  • SupportPlanner helps family and friends coordinate care and helpful tasks, like bringing a meal, taking care of pets and other needs.

It's simple to set your community of support in motion! Simply follow these three steps:

  • Go to CaringBridge.org.
  • Select a way to begin connecting.
  • Share with family and friends.