Ensuring your medical privacy is a top priority at Alaska Regional Hospital. We want the right people to get information necessary for your care, and make your access to information as convenient as possible.

Your medical record contains documentation by all physicians and healthcare providers involved in your care and treatment while you were here at Alaska Regional Hospital. It contains the results of diagnostic tests and therapeutic procedures performed, as well as information about your medical history, and your condition and progress during your hospitalization.

Looking to Obtain a Copy of Your Medical Records?

Paper Copy of Medical Records:

Federal HIPAA laws require an authorization to be completed for all medical record requests, unless your provider is requesting them for your care. Your medical record, and the information it contains, is confidential. Therefore, we must confirm your identity before releasing your medical record. Only the patient or his/her legal guardian can sign the form. You can download the authorization form below:

Release of Information Form:

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Medical Records Release



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