Furry Friends Program

The Alaska Regional Hospital Furry Friends (ARHFF) therapy dog program is affiliated with Pet Partners, an accredited, nonprofit organization that brings together animals and people who love them.

Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs are recognized by the medical community for their therapeutic and health benefits including reducing stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure, easing loneliness, and increasing feelings of well-being that help with healing. Visits are scheduled according to the patient’s condition and pet team availability.

At the beginning of each visit, the animal is positioned on a clean pad or sheet. The owner introduces the pet and the patient is invited to interact with the animal. At the end of the visit, the owner assists the patient with hand sanitation and disposing of the pad or sheet.

ARHFF Scheduling

To schedule a pet team visit, call ARHFF at 264-2928, dial *42928 from a hospital phone, or email arhff@hcahealthcare.com.

To learn more about the national Pet Partners organization, visit petpartners.org or call (425) 679-5530.