About Alaska Regional Imaging Alliance

At the Alaska Regional Imaging Alliance, the outpatient arm of our imaging services at Alaska Regional Hospital, we understand the apprehension and anxiety patients face when they come in for an exam. To make the setting more soothing, we offer a spa-like environment complemented by high-quality treatments and caring, professional staff members.

Alaska Regional Imaging Alliance is a Joint Commission accredited facility. We have also earned accreditation by the American College of Radiology in mammography, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs), and computed tomography scans (CT scans). Imaging services are provided by board-certified radiologists and by radiation technologists accredited by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

For more information about our services or to talk with a team member, please call us at (907) 264-2929.

Advanced technology, timely results, complete care

Our facility provides leading-edge medical knowledge, innovative technology and quality healthcare that meets the specific needs of every patient at every stage of life. The Imaging Alliance offers street-side access and comprehensive imaging services.

Accurate, timely exam results are forwarded to your doctor or healthcare providers so they may access the information within hours of your procedure. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at (855) 226-9105.

Services we offer

In addition to CT scans and MRIs, we also offer:

  • Bone density scans (DEXA)
  • Mammography (traditional and 3D)
  • Stereotactic biopsy
  • Ultrasound imaging
  • Ultrasound-guided biopsy

Digital or 3D mammography

Clinical breast exams and mammography are important components of breast health. Regularly scheduled mammograms are important in the early detection of breast cancer, alerting your healthcare givers to changes before they can be seen or felt.

The American College of Radiology and Society for Breast Imaging recommend an annual screening mammogram beginning at 40 years old.

Mammography uses a low-dose X-ray system to examine breasts. With digital mammography, the imaging procedure uses computed tomography to take high-definition images and form a 3D picture of the breast, allowing the radiologist to look through the tissue one millimeter at a time to view detail inside the breast in a way never before possible. Studies have found 3D mammograms may identify more cancers and result in fewer false positives. They also may be more effective than 2D mammograms for women with very dense breast tissue.

Getting to our facility

We are located about five minutes south of the Merrill Field/Mountain View Anchorage Airport. Our offices are near the intersection of Alaska Regional Drive and Debarr Road on the Alaska Regional Hospital campus.

Alaska Regional Imaging Alliance
1200 Airport Heights Drive
Building E, Suite 180
Anchorage, AK 99508

Get Directions

Hours: 7:30am to 4:00pm (last appointment scheduled at 4:00pm)

Parking: There is parking is available nearby. Also, Alaska Regional Hospital offers complimentary valet parking at the hospital's main entrance (on the west side of the hospital, off Alaska Regional Drive). Valet service is available from 8:30am to 5:00pm.