Alcohol abuse program in Alaska

The One-Eighty Medical Withdrawal program at Alaska Regional Hospital is an inpatient medical service for voluntary withdrawal from alcohol. Patients are treated medically with professional support to effectively manage withdrawal symptoms while ensuring their safety, comfort and confidentiality.

If you or someone you love is ready to take the first step toward a better life, turn to One-Eighty for help today. Please call us at (907) 264-1180 and talk with a team member.

Inpatient medical care for alcohol rehab

Please note our service is not a psychiatric or behavioral care service and is not for patients in the advanced stages of withdrawal who need emergency care. Voluntary patients are screened by our staff to ensure our program fits their needs.

Next, patients are scheduled for admission to the hospital. A patients' average stay is three to five days. Lastly, we work with patients during discharge planning — an important component of treatment —facilitated by our One-Eighty team. Staff and patients develop a tailored plan of care for follow-up treatment after discharge to help maintain sobriety.

As a resource to our community, we help everyone who calls by facilitating their admission into One-Eighty or by assisting them in exploring options to meet their needs.

The highlights of our One-Eighty service includes:

  • Confidentiality of a stay of three to five days at Alaska Regional
  • Treatment for medical withdrawal stabilization only
  • Physician-directed service with 24-hour nursing care
  • Planning for next steps following discharge
  • Acceptance of Medicaid, Medicare, commercial insurance and private pay for services

Neonatal abstinence syndrome treatment program

Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) is a condition that affects newborns. If an expectant mother takes narcotics, alcohol or nicotine during pregnancy and becomes addicted, so does the unborn baby. When the mother delivers, the baby experiences withdrawal symptoms.

Alaska Regional's NEST Program, neonatal evaluation support and treatment service, cares for babies affected by NAS. Our program is committed to helping families recover in an open and non-shaming environment where respect, honesty and diversity are highly valued.

Our high nurse-to-patient ratio and newborn care expertise mean each baby receives safe, medically controlled detoxification and symptom management in an environment that simulates a home nursery using low lighting and reduced sound.

Each private space also includes sleeping accommodations for one parent. Medical management of a baby’s withdrawal symptoms is followed by a dedicated team of specially trained nurse practitioners and board-certified neonatologists or pediatricians with additional training to care for sick newborns. Supportive treatment, counseling, and family support are cornerstones of NAS management.